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The "Public Safety Exception" The one generally accepted exception to the Miranda doctrine, known as the "public safety exception," allows questioning of a suspect after arrest but before reading the Miranda rights if there is an immediate and significant danger to the public.New York v. Quarles, 467 U.S. 649, 655-56 (1984).In the Quarles case, an officer discovered an empty gun.

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The new ruling from the Supreme Court, Vega v. Tekoh, held that a violation of miranda does not provide a basis to use under a depravation of civil rights claim under 42 U.S.C. 1983. In simple terms, criminal defendants cannot sue a police officer who failed to inform them of their Miranda rights. makes it impossible to sue a police officer who.

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Mini-Miranda rights are a statement a debt collector must use when contacting an individual to collect a debt. Mini-Miranda rights have to be recited if the debt collection effort is being made.

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